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Story   Fenghuang
Bao Jing Miao
Vocabulary Explanation


0. Creation to Church
1. The Beginning of the World
2. Angels and Demons
3. Disobedience
4. Noah and the Flood
5. Tower of Babel
6. The Story of Abraham
7. Abraham and His Son
8. Isaac Gets Married
9. The Story of Jacob
10. The Son of Jacob - Joseph
11. Joseph and His Brothers
12. Leaving Egypt
13. King David
14. David and His Soldier's Wife
15. Nathan Tells a Story
16. God Promised Good News
17. The Birth of a Savior
18. Jesus' Baptism
19. The Possessed Man
20. Giving Assurance
21. Sight
22. Arrival in Jerusalem
23. The Last Supper
24. Jesus Arrested
25. Jesus Died at the Cross
26. Alive!
27. God's Spirit
28. One African
29. The Jailor
30. Jesus Will Be Back